coffee + cre8tive {july 13 '06}

Today was another beyond busy day. Again, the project I'm working on kept me overtime; I just walked in the door. I hope everyone is doing well. I was thinking about something on my way home today, does anyone have any design questions to ask me or would you be willing to send me photos of your space so I can post it here on the blog and, before the masses, critique it and offer some advice? Readers can offer their input as well... I think it would be a lot of fun for everyone and give me a real chance to use my design skills a little, plus I'm always learning so it will help me to expand my horizons, too. If you're interested, please let me know. I can include it as an 'ask decor8' entry.

I'll be back in a moment with fresh finds, an interview with our blog of the week (to be revealed soon), a book of the week, a few 'ask decor8' entries, some fresh finds, and Anh-Minh's been shopping San Francisco again so that post to follow today, too!

AND of course, we must dish about PROJECT RUNWAY! See you in moments!

(image from reprot depot, dress forms in white.)