Serious Gnome

Angie Pearson, decor8 reader on the west coast, wrote to me about one of her favorites called Serious Gnome, based in Vancouver, Canada. I've heard about them before since I spotted them on the Rare Device website, but after checking out the Serious Gnome link, I realized that I really should feature them here because I'm sure some of my readers have no clue who they are. Let's change that.

First of all, Serious Gnome creates a seriously fun range of wall placques that add a personalized touch to your space. My suggestion is to arrange them around mirrors or artwork, salon style, and by all means, purchase several! I don't suggest hanging them all over your home, I think smaller items like these placques should be grouped together in a collection of sorts to avoid a cluttered space. Because they only weigh 3 pounds, they can easily be installed with a single nail. Each placque is made by hand, painted, and glazed for a lovely sheen.

Psst: They were featured in today's Daily Candy Everywhere - congrats Gnomers!

(images from serious gnome and richard winchell)