My First Apartment

Have you heard of My First Apartment? Oh how I wish this existed in December 1995 when I flew from my parents' comfy nest (more like dropped 500 feet, hard and fast, into a total dump apartment in Boston).

I've been in touch with Seija from My First Apartment for several months now because they've been working diligently on growing out the content on their website and now, since they're at the point to where the site is definitely packing value, I had to be the first design/home blog to review it.

My First Apartment targets the post college crowd, or perhaps even the college bound crowd if they're actually taking an off campus apartment vs. a dorm. Either way, the website addresses potential questions/issues that can arise, "How much rent should I pay?", "What should I be thinking about when I look for a place?", "What's a credit rating?" as well as tips including strategies for the hunt.

Even though it targets rental virgins, I think it's great for those of us who have been around the block, or shall I say, lived all over the block, too. I read through a lot of the content and learned a few things along the way which proves that you can never know to much when it comes to rental love and war.

I give My First Apartment a huge high five for launching a website targeted at the younger set - so many websites are geared more towards the 'been there done that' crowd that it must be totally frustrating for young people online looking for a little advice. If you'd like to support My First Apartment - spread the word to your friends, college buddies, other blogs, forward this post... Just get the word out!

(image from my first apartment)