Let's Talk Project Runway

Someone needs to help me out because I'm totally sick that Malan was kicked off of the show so early. I mean, at least keep him on for ratings, drama, and that accent, already! Let's recap last night, shall we?

Laura + Michael's Dress: If it were shorter, I could see it in figure skating. As is, red carpet on Halle Berry. If Korrs had been there, he would have been waving his hand and twisting in his seat over this design - I'm sure it would have had him at hello.

Uli & Bonnie: Orignial. Loved it. I'm rooting for Uli just because she's German and oh so modern and Bonnie because she seems so level headed. That dress rocked. Miss America should have thought outside of the box and went with it.

Malan & Katherine: Bunched up toilet paper after being plucked out of the sewer, perhaps? Malan clearly doesn't understand how women want to look thinner, not lumpy. What was up with one side of the bust being larger than the other? No. No. No. Also, did you notice when Malan was one on one with little miss Tara Conner that he touched her breast and she was a bit taken aback? I liked that very much. :) I was sad to see him go, especially when he mentioned earlier in the show that his mother was so horrible to him regarding his career goals. Yuck to mothers like his. Malan is a great person though. I hated seeing him go because I think he deserved to go a lot farther. I see him designing for the theatre, ballet, cirque...

Kayne & Robert: Yes it was pretty and I can totally see why she selected it. I don't have much else to say about it because it didn't rock me. It was unoriginal.

Jefferey & Alison: Was anyone listening to the client? This dress was a disaster. Too messy. Looked like the straps were falling off and the skirt was sliding down. It didn't say 'glamour queen', it said, 'glamour queen after getting really drunk found in an alley with dishoveled dress on'.

Vincent & Angela: Poor Vincent. I actually adore him. He is so emotional, so full of passion. I can see him in a top hat with tails making sweeping gestures with his arms, taming lions or something. Or perhaps in a beret along the left bank painting a cafe scene, a scarf tied loosely around his neck. This man just oozes with passion. He is so artsy. I don't know how far he'll go with the show, but he has a very captivating full blown personality for a straight man living in the burbs with his wife. I really like him. He is the least boring one on the show. Everyone else, so far, are lulling me to sleep. Angela appears to be more harm than good. I'm willing to bet she won't win this season.

Keith & Bradley: Nice dress. Again, I'm NOT buying that Keith has never designed a dress for a woman in his life. Total rubbish. Did you see the way Keith was flirting with Tara during the consult? She was squirming. He has such twinkle eyes, he seems like he could charm a lady to say and do whatever he wishes once he has one alone.

Okay, your turn!!!

(image from delias with my little touch (I added the words). I saw this hoodie at delias last night and had to buy it for my trip)