coffee + cre8tive {july 20 '06}

Summer is slipping through my fingers. It's already nearing the end of July, Fall fashion is hitting the stores, and I'm already hearing 'back to school' chatter and seeing school gear in stores. Can you believe how quickly this year is passing? We're leaving for Germany in September, 8 weeks from today, and I still can't believe that something I've anticipated for months is now only 8 weeks away. We'll be staying there for a few months, my husband will work remotely for his company and I'll continue writing and of course, maintain decor8 on a daily basis. I already had a decor8 reader in Hannover Germany (where we are staying) contact me for some design help, so if things work out, I'll be visiting her while I'm there. We'll also be in Berlin and London for several days; I can't wait to feel the crisp Autumn air, stroll down the city streets, wear a pretty scarf again (something Europeans must go to school for - the art of wearing a scarf knotted to perfection). Here it is summer, and I'm already dreaming of Autumn... But with such unbearable heat, and humidity, I'm actually wishing summer away already.

Do you have any travel plans in September/October/November? Care to share?

(photo taken in Hannover Germany by Holly Becker copyright 2006.)