Coco Pink: Punchy Calling Cards for Guys + Dolls

decor8 reader, Annie, wrote in today. "I am a religious reader of your blog, and was wondering how I can get my website listed in the Portland, OR section? As I designer, I was always reluctant to hand out my corporate business card because it didn't reflect my creativity. So, I started coco-pink to provide hip calling/business cards for those who want to give out their number and be remembered with style. My cards are great for singles, moms, entrepreneurs and indie designers. Thanks, Holly." - Annie

I'm happy to feature Coco Pink - her designs are so pretty, the idea is great, and I agree with her, having a hip card to flash is important these days. Some may think these aren't useful if you alrady have a business card, but I don't like to advertise my profession to every soul I meet, especially with all of my contact information on it. I'll give a stranger my cell and email, but I don't want everyone running around with my home address and telephone number. I think this applies to girls who are single, too. These are great for nights on the town. Don't pass out your business cards at the club, play it safe sista.

Cards for the gents, too:

Thanks for the tip, Annie!

(images from coco pink)