Fresh Finds: Decor at the Shore

C'mon pretty mama, Summer is here, enjoy it before Autumn rolls in on September 23rd. Peek inside my beach bag for accessories sure to perk up your summer decor. From punchy accessories to trendy pool party must-haves, chill out time has never been so hot (or so budget-friendly, check out these prices!)

1. Coral Me Happy. The coral trend could fade after the summer, why not enjoy the moment and head to the beach with a few of these coral napkins tucked in your picnic basket from Plum Party? Since they're so stylish, why not set the mood and dress up your table for outdoor soirees on the patio, too. Also available in red. $4.75-6.75

2. Beyond Pastry. Everyone knows Danish design just keeps getting hotter. Travel chic with these sleek Danish melamine cups from Lille Hus, great for your next excursion by the sea. Mix and match or purchase in perky color sets, and because they're so durable, you can simply rinse and tote them home to reuse in your kitchen. Eco-fabulous! Set of two, $8

3. Bag o' Tricks. Toting goods from city streets to sandy shores is a breeze with this gorgeous Lisboa bag from a decor8 favorite, Lotta Jansdotter. New this season, it has a interior pocket for storing mr. cell phone, and it's available in apple green and mustard, too. I'm loving it in oh-so-summery turquoise. $58

4. Fiesta. Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever... Like any obsessive-compulsive party planner knows, it's all in the details baby. These sweet umbrella straws from Pier 1 make even supermarket sparkling water look swanky. The perfect touch of cute and unique with a capital U. $1.18 for a package of 12. Yes, really!

5. Her Name is Rio. ...And she dances on the sand. These Rio faux straw mats from World Market in shiny floral prints will make you dance, too. Roll 'em up and tote to picnics or lawn concerts in the park. I'm always looking for items that perform double duty, why not use them as flooring to cover a small patio, or perhaps as a table runner? Available in orange, wine, or blue. $20

6. Soak It Up. Make Garnet Hill your summer destination if you're looking to cuddle-up with a beefy oversized lifeguard, er, (sorry)... beach towel. With perky prints, vibrant colors, and thirsty thick cotton (slurp!), wrapping up in this cuddly towel is pure heaven. Not as heavenly as faking a tragic death at sea. Oh Mr. Lifeguard? Many prints available, $12-18 each.

7. Let's Get It Started. Hosting a sunset picnic for two on the sand? Pack these battery operated candela lights from Vessel. Not only will they provide a warm glow, they won?t blow out in the wind or tip over setting fire to your blanket. The only thing that should be heating up the blanket is the both of you. Set of 4 with charger base included, $89

8. Siesta. After romping on the beach, you in your g-string, he in his banana hammock (yeah, right), nothing says summer like after beach showers and a pre-fiesta cat nap. I personally love to hop in my fluffy bed enveloped in cool crisp linens for an afternoon snooze. Rest your head on one of my personal favorites, the lucky fish starfish pillowcases from Orange Lola. These cuties had me at hello, I love the idea of bringing a little bit of the coast into home decor. White cotton with scalloped edges (swoon!), feminine tie details, and a bold burst of red coral with a gold starfish and and a sweet little turquoise crab. I ask you, can these be more precious? $36

(images from stores mentioned in above text)