Stamps: Gee's Bend Quilts

I think that creative types tend to look at everything through a different lens, don't you? For instance, you may find beauty in what others think of as mundane. Maybe you are a little more interested in the box your toothpaste comes in than the next person. Perhaps you put thought into the pens you write with. Maybe you even care about what your stamps look like. I know I do. Unfortunately, the USPS hasn't produced one stamp collection this year that interested me. At least until now.

Since we pay all of our bills online, I'm usually the one who actually uses a pen in this house to write and send a real live card. Plus, I'm female and you know we're a little fanatic about paper products. Quality cards aren't $.99 anymore, either. My thought is this: I'm not spending $5-8 on a card and not go the extra mile to add a pretty stamp. Presentation begins the moment a friend opens their mailbox. If think everyone notices a good stamp, don't you?

That's why I'm excited that the American Treasures stamp series will soon showcase beautiful works of American fine art and crafts, starting next month. First up are 10 gorgeous quilts created between 1940 and 2001 by African-American women in Gee's Bend, AL. They will be available online, and in your local post office, in August.

Tip: With graphics this vibrant, you may be able to incorporate them into art or simply arrange them in a grid pattern and place in a white frame.

(images from usps)