Saturday Fresh Finds: Urban Outfitters

Adorable graphic plate alert! A mere $24 (that's what, 4 Starbucks coffees?) buys you all four of these porcelain cuties. Budget find, sweet to display on the wall, fun to gift a friend. Can't go wrong with Urban Outfitters when you're trying to stretch your dollar.

More favorites: Freshly squeezed color alert! These bowls are so vibrant, you can't but smile when you look at them. Wouldn't these be beautiful stacked neatly on white kitchen shelves? Who needs art in the kitchen with bowls like these? Okay, maybe a little art... 4/$15.

Into bold black and white prints? The flocked floral panel ($42) yields enough fabric to create either a shower curtain (just add clip rings), throw pillows, a laundry bag, handbag, seat cushions, or a cube slipcover. Sure, you may not need more curtains in the house, but think of the options with the fabric next time you're out and you spot a curtain you love. Think outside of the (window) box.

What do you think about this round pedestal side table? I love the idea, but not too keen on the price because I'm thinking that a $29 side table made of plastic must not be very sturdy. However, on a hardwood floor (vs. carpet), it may be okay. It looks a little low in height, but you could also use it on the patio with a plant on top, in the bathroom to stack a few towels, as a plant stand in the house, or in your entryway to put your newspaper or bright yellow wellies on top.

This wallpaper outline bedspread gives me ideas for fabric, too. I'm not sure about the red shag rug on the floor though, eek! Red and shag, in my opinion, should never mix. I don't like that rug paired with this bedspread at all, it cheapens the look in my opinion. On the other hand, it would be good to take two of these, sew them together on 3 sides like a giant pillowcase, and stuff with a duvet. Use buttons to close, or velcro or a zipper if you'd prefer. You could even use ties to close it, I'd do navy. I can picture this bedspread with red sturdy cotton canvas throw pillows and a white or wood side table, and by all means, the rug should be sent back to the 60's and replaced with a navy stripe or just plain navy or red (shag-free). If you didn't want to bring red into the mix, yellow is a beautiful option.

plates via: hostess with the mostess

(images from urban outfitters.)