coffee + cre8tive {aug 14 '06}

I'm not running any marathons yet, but I'm feeling much better after spending the past few days parked on my sofa, just me, the remote, and plenty of magazines and books. My magazine swap partner, Emily Barnes from Melbourne (thanks Emily, I loved your package!), sent me 3 aussie magazines, they arrived on Saturday, so I had Frankie, Australian Home Beautiful, and Madison to keep me company.
It's so fun flipping through magazines published on the other side of the world, but even more interesting is that fashion and home design trends are not that much different than they are here in the states. I love how British and Australian magazines often include a free gift - with Home Beautiful came a white leatherette picture frame with black and white baroque wallpaper from Graham + Brown. How original! I'd love to see American magazines offer 'goodies' on the newsstand. I've purchased so many British magazines just for the freebies, from handbags to novels and cds.

Now that Monday is here, I'll be taking it easy on posts this week until I'm walking around again. I need to keep my leg elevated and sleep (I'm on a mission for a very speedy recovery here people). We leave for Germany in 39 days. The big countdown to good health. Let's see if I can do it without spending my entire vacation limping around. Must. Get. Well.

Anyone catch DESIGN STAR last night? Any comments to that? I'll offer mine in the comments section below to get everyone started... Let's just say the show has me more depressed than impressed - where's the talent?

By the way, the Australian indie fashion mag, Frankie, included a free poster by artist Katherine Brickman this month. If you'd like some funky screen wallpaper from other artists Frankie has featured, click here.

Thanks again, Emily!

(images from frankie magazine)