For Like Ever Poster from Village

The September issue of Domino magazine popped into my mailbox on Saturday, so I spent a good portion of Sunday flipping through it, marking pages that I wanted to file away for future projects, others I tagged for discussing here today. While reading Modern Romance, about accessories designer Jessie Randall (something about her reminded me of Alison Kelly* on Project Runway), I noticed the For Like Ever poster over her fireplace (btw - it was listed for $10 in the issue, however on the Village website, it's now $25). Did you spot that? (It's also shown on the cover of the issue.) What did you think about it? Although I liked it because it seems that it's personal to Jessie since she knows the designer, I wouldn't run out and buy one for my home simply because Jessie had one.

Which brings me to an interesting topic worthy of discussion... Just how influenced are you by things you see in the home of someone that you admire? Will you buy it simply to 'feel' more like them, like you are living more of their lifestyle? I have had clients in the past who want their homes to look more like someone else lived there vs. themselves. I wonder about this all the time, why are we so attracted to the designs of others, yet we don't always follow our own creative vision and design our homes around our unique life?


*Psst: I peeked at Alison's website which says, "Alison Kelly of Dahl will be launching an exclusive collection for during New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned for futher details..." Hmmmm. Do you think she makes it then in the final 3?

(image from village)