Bleu Nature: Organic Beauties for the Home

Located near Lille, in Northern France, Bleu Nature is inspired by the organic and hand-crafted, using materials such as driftwood, hemp, pebbles, stones, flat rocks, raw linen, boiled wool or mohair, raffia, teak and slate.
After touring Danielle's apartment yesterday in The Netherlands, and drooling over the mirror she had displayed over her fireplace, Danielle revealed that Bleu Nature was her source for this fascinating piece.

Bleu Nature is unique in that they do not purchase their driftwood from China or at some dot com shop, rather they scour nearby beaches for it. All sizes are collected and used to create a one-of-a-kind creation. Friendly to our environment, beautiful in our homes. I just love thier approach, materials, and wow, look at those mirrors and lighting, inspiring! I will never look at driftwood the same...

If you are interested in inquiring about price or to make a purchase, please contact the Bleu Nature studios directly. On their contact page, you can also find their downloadable catalog and price sheet.

Thanks Danielle for the tip!

(images from bleu nature)