Maminka: Japanese Cuteness #5

Here's sweet Japanese shop #5 on the list for today, Maminka. This is a truly precious find with handpainted treasures and unique art. I especially adore the spool holder/pin cushion combo, would be very handy on a work table or to gift a friend who loves to sew. You have to check out their drawer knobs and pleasingly plump mice too, both are darling... These mice would be fun to collect, also fun to arrange on a shelf in the nursery. The knobs can spruce up an ordinary table in your craft room, or you can have fun in your retro kitchen by adding a few to your cabinets. My former manager has a kitchen that is simply amazing, none of his hardware matches, everything is artsy, whimsical, handpainted, simply amazing. It's actually very grown up since he has hardwood floors and stainless appliances along with teak cabinets. The shot of whimsy is his handpainted kitchen countertops and his amazing selection of hardware. You can also use knobs like these for hanging necklaces - you can install them onto a piece of painted wood. Simple!

via: wee wonderfuls, who also suggests shopping ripple, tar-tan and anano Cafe.

(images from maminka)