coffee + cre8tive {sept 1 '06}

I had so much fun popping from site to site yesterday as we toured a few flickr photo groups and websites showcasing fun accessories and housewares from Japan here on decor8. Did you enjoy that? It's nice to take a step out of our own world, gives us a broader view of what's going on out there beyond our local Target or indie shop around the corner.

Psst: Here are a few additional Japanese stores that you may have an interest in - so cute!

Peppermint Pig, Lorina, Zakka Mania, Online Zakka Search, Sunny Style, and Pip. There's also this great Japanese website that offers French homewares - super pretty things. Worthy of a peek. They're called Lumiere Mira.

Bowie over at the fabulous Print + Pattern blog features lots of Japanese sites, a few that I've loved over the past few months are Chotto fotto, Seiko Do, Wrap Fun, Pumpkin Family, Franc Franc, La Ronde, and Mamekichi. Thanks P+P!

I'll be back for a few more posts today and then I'll be taking a break from decor8 for few days since this weekend is the official last weekend of summer here in America, Labor Day weekend, and we have a holiday on Monday so my husband and I will be out of town for a few days exploring a bit. Watch for a few more posts today...

(images top: lumiere mira. bottom: chotto fotto.)