Rose + Radish [Online + Storefront] San Francisco, CA

Jill from Rose + Radish in San Francisco wrote to me today, she noticed that I recently featured Hut Up of Berlin here on decor8 and wanted to let us know that she carries their felty goodness in her San Francisco based store and online. Sweet! Jill wanted to share with us a few photos of the store (located at 460 Gough Street), which made my heart race because they carry most of the lines that I myself would stock if I had my own storefront in some trendy part of town. Sigh. (maybe someday, as a brick 'n mortar store in the city is my dream. Writing all day (between customers and ordering of course), something small but classy with big windows and high ceilings, great music on at all times (amelie soundtrack is my favorite for shopping to), stationery, homewares, fresh flowers, great music, decorating workshops (hosted by me as well as other creative types), fresh brewed tea and mandelhoernchen on Saturdays... Okay back to reality Holly!)

Just look at this place, doesn't it rock your socks!?

Some of these hot lines include Growing Veip (Netherlands), Daff (Germany) Atelier Lzc (France), Produzione Privata (Italy), Nama Rococo (Massachusetts USA), Saturate (California USA), Wetter Indochine (Vietnam), Esther Derkx (Netherlands), Nussha (Japan), Lisa Stickley (UK), K Studio (Michigan USA), Nymphenburg Porzellan (Germany), Hut Up (Germany), Pakhuis Oost (Netherlands), and many more lines from around the world. I tested out the search feature on thier website, if you plug in any of the above brands, you can pull up everything that Rose + Radish carries from that particular company. That's the fastest route to take for total retail therapy!

Some of my personal favorites include the deer coat hanger (or for jewelry!) from Pakhuis Oost, the Nymphenburg bird's wing dish, Esther Derkx's plates, and this Atelier Lzc placemat.

Oh! And I can't forget my favorite item from this yummy store, the stunning green glass acquatinta pendant from Produzione Privata in Italy. Those Italians and their glass... Swoon! Thank you so much Jill for writing in - we love your store! Next time I'm the bay area, I know where I'll be shopping...

(images from rose + radish)