Open Thread!

Here in the states, today is a holiday we call Labor Day, which is what many of us refer to as the last weekend of wearing white, going to the beach, and enduring moving vans double (and triple!) parked all over Boston. Kids are back in town for school and Fall officially arrives on September 23rd. Since my husband has the day off, we plan to spend it together, no blogging for me... But, I'll be back tomorrow!

How was your Labor Day weekend? What did you do?

We went to an amazing wedding this past Saturday in a beautiful old train station called Union Station in Worcester, MA - it was just like a mini Grand Central Station (NYC), our friend played the violin during the wedding, so romantic. It was like something out of Martha Stewart Weddings... I must confess, it was fun to get all girly and wear heels after being laid up in bed for nearly a month - finally I'm out and about walking again! Yeah! Today, we enjoyed dinner in a quaint English tavern in Bedford, NH. My husband announced this morning that he wanted to get dressed up and take me on date (maybe the wedding sparked this?). It's around 62 here, very foggy, rainy... A romantic day for a tavern. He looked so cute, in a vest and tie, trousers, even a cute newsboy cap. We had a great date. Today, he wants to continue the romance, so we'll most likely head to the North End for lunch (locals: did you read this? they are trying to close hanover street to create a piazza for walking/dining only. love this idea) and then, to a few museums (the new ica was due to open 9/17, but has been postponed.) I can't wait for it to open, I've read so much about the new building, it promises to be quite spectacular.

By the way, and yes this is a bit of a spoiler I know, but I just read this online regarding a Project Runway model (Vincent's model?) and had to share it... Can you believe it?

Okay, enough about me... Let's talk about YOU. Anything to share?