Roughly Drawn Chair By Cohda

Green living is important everywhere. People here in Germany are very eco-conscious, even on the streets you'll spot trash cans that are split into three sections for sorting paper from glass and plastics, etc. At the grocery store, you'll need to either bring your own or purchase a bag to use for your groceries, although very few Germans actually purchase them as they come equipped with a fabric bag or basket to use instead. Also of note, you must bag your own groceries here, the clerk only handles the cash, you are responsible for the bagging. I love this because I'm never satisfied with the way baggers handle things back home, bruising fruit and crushing bread, so now I have full responsibility over how things are packed and I actually prefer this. I know, quirky...

Back on the subject of green, Cohda launched a chair made only from reshaped plastic, giving a purpose to all of the bottle caps,and packaging we discard each day. It's called the Roughly Drawn Chair, and as the name denotes, it reminds oneof a rough sketch, almost something a child (or me!) would draft. These chairs are available in black (my choice), green,or grey and are sold for around $325 USD. They have a table, too. You like?

(image from cohda)