coffee + cre8tive {sept 26 '06}

Wouldn't you love to have a mural like this in your home? I certainly would. This is a wall in a children's store in Amsterdam called Keet in Huis. Perhaps you can recreate this look simply with paint, a steady hand (and a good sense of humor - you're bound to make a few mistakes), an overhead projector, and a few days of free time? I'd like to take an image from Jezebel, she has the prettiest silhouettes, and project it onto the wall. I'm not an artist, however one would assume this project wouldn't be quite as difficult as painting something with intricate details using many colors. Although challenging, I'd think anyone could take on a silhouette painting - don't you? Have you ever experimented with something like this in your own space?

(image from keet in huis)