Esprit Bedding (Germany)

When I travel to a new country, I like to see what the average consumer is buying. Before decor8, I'd simply log everything into a notebook for future reference. Now that I'm mobile, I can snap photos and blog about it as soon as I'm in front of my laptop again. Ah, the joy of the net and good old fashioned DSL. :)

I thought you may enjoy a bit of a mini intro to some of the most popular brands here in Germany for basic home items (dinnerware, glassware, and bedding, for instance). I'll post these today, at least the ones that have websites, so you can learn a little more about what's going on in design here in Deutschland.

First up is a brand most Americans know very well, Esprit. The clothing line is much more extensive here than in the states, with several retail locations, and a bedding collection that is far from boring. To describe it with only one word: Cheery!

Two things to learn about bedding in Germany, 1) Fear of color and bold patterns does not exist. Germans seem to love colorful bedding and have a strong leaning towards primary colors, especially blue, red, orange, and yellow. Neutral colors and subtle patterns are often harder to find than bright bold hues and prints. 2) Most beds have two duvets, Americans usually use one. Each duvet is folded in half, one for each person. The idea of one duvet per person is actually quite genius, I'm thinking the idea sprouted by either a frustrated man who was tired of his wife stealing the blanket, or a wife who simply needed her space, far away from her husband since his body temps reach near boiling point during the night.

Example of two duvets, folded in half. Very common.

Maybe it will interest you to know that pillows here are quite different than in the states. It's next to impossible to locate a "standard" or "king" size pillow, and if you were to relocate here and brought your American pillow, you'd have a hard time locating a pillowcase to fit it. The pillow of choice is the "euro", a big fluffy square, usually filled with down or down-like feathers. Yes, you can find them in America, but they're not commonly used for sleeping, more so as an accent or for stacking on the floor to cuddle while watching television.

It's quite popular to mix and match your bedding here, only I'm not just referring to sheets with duvet, but also the duvets, since both need not be the same (see photo, although I'd like to point out this is not of Esprit bedding). Of course, it's always a good idea to coordinate the colors and patterns, but I think it's nice because it gives each person a chance to select their own duvet. Well, more or less. You know how opinionate us girls can be when it comes to decorating. ;)

Back with more bedding, stay tuned!

(photos from esprit + decor8)