Manguun Bedding at Galeria Kaufhof (Germany)

One of my favorite German department stores is Galeria Kaufhof in Hannover. I find their Manguun line of bedding both stylish and affordable. From my experience, Germans seem to prefer either a very silky sleep on smooth satin bedding, or my favorite, a buttery soft jersey. Manguun has some of the best jersey I've seen, I nearly wanted to fall into the display at the store. Ah.

Oh, and again, notice the colors? POP!

The Kaufhof website doesn't offer nearly the selection as their store, which is why I snapped a few photos for you to enjoy. I was just thinking, in America, we tend to use primary colors more in children's decor, don't you think? Not the case here. Primary crayola colors for all ages!

TIP: If you'd like to google for bedding in Germany, Bettw?sche is your word!

(images from kaufhof + decor8)