Little Tree Press

Little Tree Press has some gorgeous paper goods, from a stunning wedding collection (all letterpressed on 100% cotton rag paper with coordinating pieces), delicious giftwrap (flat printed, available as sheets or as two-sheet rolls), cheery greeting cards (letterpressed) and bookplates (letterpressed on acid-free, adhesive-backed paper), it's hard to resist these winning finds. Wedding season is quickly approaching, actually party season in general (warm weather is coming), so start your event planning in advance with beautiful papers to send to your guests.

A hand-written note or a unique invitation lets your guests know that more went into the event than ordering a few cupcakes. Your heart is on the line and good stationery shows it. When someone sends me a carefully crafted invite, I can't help but imagine what the day means to them. Then I start imaginging what it will be like, what I'll wear, all the great people I'll meet, and how exciting the event will be in general because my friend obviously put her all into it. Yes, carefully chosen stationery tells me all of that. It sets the stage, it's all in the presentation - looking good on paper is the first step to success!

"Whether it is a thank you note or an elaborate wedding set, if it has your name on it, people will relate it to you. So, in my mind, why buy a Hallmark card? Mass-produced stationery pieces say very little about personality or style. Little Tree Press work is thoughtfully designed and printed by hand (each piece one at a time) with great attention to detail and I think it shows." - Little Tree Press

(images from little tree press)