Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)

Whenever I visit a website packed with gorgeous furniture, I immediately stop, drop and roll. I stop dreaming, drop my wallet, and roll my eyes. Why? Because of shipping. Huge pain. And to make matters worse, I'm finding so many quality buys on eBay lately, but do the old duck and run before I'm tempted to bid because of the lengthy explanations about cost, hiring a greyhound bus to deliver it, blah blah blah. Can't someone make this easier? Yes. Tonic Home.

I have to admit, when reader Wendy wrote in to tell me about her store filled with glamourous contemporary furnishings and accessories, red flags shot up. But then the clouds drew back and major beams shot in. The retail angels sang as she said, "Free shipping on orders over $200, anywhere in the USA." Come again? Did I hear that correctly? I don't have to hire a bus, train, plane, or schlep down to some warehouse with a truck? Brilliant. So are the finds. Look at this stuff. Delish. Art, mirrors, furniture, lamps, all very Wearstler-esque, don't you think? Modern glamour and those hints of asian, moorish, and European influences that we love.

(images from tonic home)