Hi+Lo Modern

Hi+Lo Modern is an online treasure that some may be tempted to keep a secret. It's one of those finds that you just know, the moment you gush about it to your friends, you'll never have first dibs again. But I have to share because I'd feel guilty keeping these guys all to myself. What an amazing source for original mid-century modern items, from relief plaques to glassware, clocks, furnishings, and beyond. I must have these turquoise cork-bottomed S+P shakers shown below. They are gorgeous, aren't they? Hmmm. Okay, you can't have those - but I'll share everything else, how's that sound? :)

I love how they group each category by country of origin on their site. For instance, if you're looking for ceramics, click on "Ceramic" and then you're linked to a page where you can roam freely from there, clicking on exactly what type of ceramics you are interested in; German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Paul McCobb, California, Glidden, the list goes on and on. Same goes for other categories, art, glass, fashion, mod, metal, etc. By the way, can you tell I've got a serious crush on the color blue lately? Ah... Yes indeed. I do. I love it paired with candy apple red. I'm on a serious two-tone high lately. I love seeing patterns in yellow and white, or blue with white, red with, oh you get the picture.

With easy navigation, it's easy to build yourself quite a little shopping list. Their selection is quite extensive, and you can tell the people behind the site have an amazing eye -- not only are the photos crisp and clear, and can be enlarged with the click of your mouse, but the goods are selected by someone with obvious taste.

Yes, Hi+Lo Modern is a keeper, and although it's hard to share with your friends, I couldn't resist. You're going to love them.

Ordering/Shipping Note: If you see something you like, don't delay! Send them an email with the name of the object, along with your name and address including zip code. They'll reply with your order and shipping total. orders[at]hiandlomodern[dot]com

(images from hi+lo modern)