I first heard about St. Jude's from Bloesem and Design Milk, and after clicking around St. Jude's for awhile, I noticed their fabric used on these reclaimed treasures from Retrouvius, where I spent ages clicking and clicking and well, you get the picture. Obsessing, drooling, craving... All those typical reactions you have when you find things as dreamy as these Race Rocking Chairs. Their price is slightly horrifying with the dollar being so weak, ?395.00 is nearly $800 USD (and I doubt shipping will be a bargain). But I'd love to have one anyway. Or at least find something over on this side of the pond that I could slap some fancy fabric on and make it look nearly as sweet.

I'm also bonkers for their vintage Anglepoise lamps from the 1930's. They've polished, rewired, and quite rare and totally worth ?250.00 each. I'd love one for my desk, as vintage lighting has been a huge obsession of mine for many years now. Metal letters and clocks that resemble the German DB (Deutsche bahn) ones in train stations have my attention too. When I was in Berlin last November, I wanted to climb up and grab the DB clock and run off with it under my coat. I love the crisp black/white with the little DB letters. (This is what they look like.)

And of course, they have the super-sized version of those Anglepoise desk lamps for ?1,450.00, especially of interest if you have ceiling height working in your favor. I love this thing, especially since I'm 5'10" and it would be fun to feel small standing next to anything for once. I'd feel like a little mouse beneath an illuminated umbrella. More about Anglepoise lamps here.

Another major perk about Retrouvius (I love their name by the way, don't you? Good name for a cat, I might add), they work on design projects for clients. I love when stores offer design services, but especially ones that specialized in vintage and antique goods because often clients are stumped when they get these items home and try to incorporate them into their more modern rooms. Mixing old with new can be a challenge.

Is this credenza amazing or what? I love it's long legs.

(images from retrouvius)