I always love to peek in on one of my favorite shopgirls, Peggy Lo, to see what she's up to over at Figments. I was thrilled to see that she has my favorite roost vases on her site, I purchased one in her Providence location last year and keep it over my sink on the windowsill, it's so delicate and beautiful, I really love it. I have the one shown on the bottom left and keep a single bloom in it always. Currently, I have a yellow tulip, see? If you'd like one for yourself, click here to purchase from Miss Peggy for only $18.50.

She's also offering some gorgeous journals ($17 available here) and my favorite, colorful sarongs (on sale for $48). I don't think I've worn one in years, but my husband gave me one in turquoise and white when we were dating, and it usually ends up on the sofa as a throw in the summer when the wool ones are stored away for the season. I just love the patterns that Peggy has below. And because they're so lightweight, I think they are perfect for when you want something light and cool to cover with during those breezy summer nights. You can even use them as a summer tablecloth, remember -- when it comes right down to it, it's fabric. You don't always have to use something for its intended purpose.

(images from figments)