Henry Road *New* Spring Pillows

Henry Road has some colorful, very bold poppy pillows and some happy summertime bags... Just calling your name for Spring 2007!

And although it's a not a new Henry Road pillow, I'm still a big fan of their blue/white circles print. It's so timeless, though the geometric prints are totally hot right now, making them that much more appealing... Especially a bold hue combined with white. Remember our Trina Turk inspiration - blue + white or chocolate + white? Now see these babies below? Yup. Perfectly on trend.

Oh, and don't miss Paula and her company, Henry Road, in this month's (April) issue of Cottage Living. I was browsing it just yesterday at Barnes + Noble and was so happy when I saw Paula inside. Here's a glimpse. And congrats, Paula! Thank you for writing to me as well, it means so much when a designer sends me a tip -- I really appreciate it.

(images from henry road)