Bookcase Envy from Benchmark

I am one smitten kitten. I picked up the April issue of Living Etc last night and I can't take my eyes off of page 64. As hard as I try, I keep looking at this bookshelf... A wishin', hopin', plannin', dreamin'....

Living Etc tells us that this freestanding beauty was crafted by Russel Pinch for Benchmark, using British wood, made by craftsmen in Berkshire, and retails for around $1,800. Of course, if I factor in shipping from the UK (if they even do that), I'm looking at quite an expense piece here. But I've got to have it. Although it seems a bit out of my reach, so now I must start my web crawl to locate something almost exactly like it here in the states. I love two-tone combos like this, especially creamy white lacquer with maple. Any leads for me? My credit card is warmed up and ready to go! :)

(images from living etc, photographed by my husband, thorsten.)