Albertine Press

Albertine Press is Boston-based and proud of it, some of their stationery pays homage to the city they love with cards flaunting local landmarks, and I think that's just great - go Boston! I hope area gift stores pick up these letterpress lovelies because it's the perfect alternative to a postcard, especially when you have more to say than Wish You Were Here.

Albertine Press has a website and an etsy shop, in case you'd like some of these great cards for yourself. My heart did little flip flops when I saw the swan boats, so I know I'll be buying some of them for myself and my relatives, who recently came up from the south to visit us. We took them to the public garden, America's first public park, and they loved it. I think these would be a nice way to send them our greetings from time to time while reminding them of their vacation here.

Great work, Albertine!

(images from albertine press)

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