Nymolle Art Patience Hoyrup

Nymolle Art Patience Hoyrup - say that in one breathe! I just love little scenes of European villages, so when Gosia sent me her shop updates recently, I had to buy this Nymolle Art Patience Hoyrup cup and saucer. I knew nothing about the origin of this set... Then Sia told me that she recently purchased the same set after hearing about it over on Leslie's beautiful blog. Suddenly, thanks to fellow bloggers, I've learned so much more about my new little cup and saucer from Gosia.

Tip: If you love this pattern, a simple search for "Nymolle Art Patience Hoyrup" on ebay will yield TONS of beautiful vintage Danish ceramics, so have fun looking for some Nymolle of your own. It's all so lovely, great patterns, totally sweet for tea and cookies on a rainy afternoon like today. I just won a buy it now auction over at eBay and now have a second set to accompany the one I paid $24 for at Gosia's wonderful shop. This time, I won the set for $9, so I'm thrilled and have hopes that I can perhaps complete my collection (I'm hoping to have 4-6 of each) with the help of eBay. It's so pretty!

(update: I just completed my set of 4 on ebay, I found some buy it now auctions, so I purchased 3 sets for $20! There are more buy it now auctions on these, so scoop them up quickly!)

(images from gosia)

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