Courtney Prahl Art

Courtney Prahl has beautiful work available in her etsy store, her focus always on trees and houses, both with special meaning to her. Courtney believes that trees are like people, unique and one-of-a-kind, each with their own story to tell.

Houses on the other hand are symbolic of home. "Home is anything -- a place, people, a mountain or even a house," Courtney continues, "It gives you peace and it is where you know who you are without judgment." Well said! I enjoy how well she uses various papers and colors, and I like to examine her paintings -- so many intricate details! I especially like the composition, as I'm trying to learn this for my own paintings and realize that it takes time to get it right. In addition to her prints and things, she has a few very affordable originals on canvas for only $15, like this painting below. A great start for the budding art collector.

Lovely work, Ms. Courtney!

(images from courtney prahl)

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