Gooseflesh Boutique

It's so rare for me to blog about jewelry, it's not that I don't like it, I do -- but I prefer to write about the things I'm passionate about and honestly, I can't say I'm obsessed with jewelry. Until now. Can you see why?

This is all so beautiful... I don't know if I'd call the works of Gooseflesh the typical jewelry on the block. With wooly beauty that will make you do a triple take, Helle Jorgensen, who is based in Sydney, designs the most gorgeous softwear (as she calls it), that I have ever seen. Just look at this stuff. It's mesmerizing.

Obviously taking her inspiration from the sea, her pieces would make a most wonderful gift as each piece is so unusual and clever - I'd love to wear some of it myself, especially the bracelets.

You simply must read her blog as her work is so skillfully made, you'll want to stare into the screen and watch as she unfolds the process of her creations, along with her recent adventure into illustration. Seeing how she recycles wool into crocheted gorgeousness totally blows me away. Wow.

(images from gooseflesh)