Would you like to learn how to crochet these cutie specimens by Wunderkammer, who was greatly inspired by Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities? (An excellent coffee table book, btw.)

I found Jessica Polka (aka Wunderkammer) on Flickr, where I'm finding everyone these days, then I started reading her blog and from there, connected to her etsy store. I feel like I'm forever following trails of bread crumbs online - but it's worth the time and energy because in the end, there is always something amazing and worth the journey. Like Jessica and her sweet sea creatures.

Jessica is an aspiring biologist in the process of relocating from North Carolina to San Francisco, where I'm sure she'll find loads of inspiration and support as I know a ton of great people in San Francisco that would welcome her into their circle with open arms. So good luck on your move, Jessica and thank you for inspiring us with your talent!

(images from jessica polka)