Velocity Art + Design *New* Site & Showroom

It seems October is all about new beginnings since there's a slew of newly launched websites being rolled out as I type. I'm so proud of everyone for their accomplishments (you know who you are!). One site that looks absolutely amazing is also one of my favorite online stores, Velocity Art + Design. Check it out below, it doesn't even look like the same website. Sexy!

I have to congratulate Ali and the rest of the Velocity crew, it's quite an impressive change, great job! The best part, outside of the sleek presentation, it's so much easier to navigate than before. For instance, I didn't even know they carried Hella Jongerius until today when I spotted their new drop down list.

For Seattle locals: Did you know that Velocity will extend themselves from the web to the street, with a brand new retail store in Seattle to open on Friday, October 5th?It's true. And I think that's so cool, they've been so successful with their online business that this was the next natural step for them. So if you live in Seattle, here's another great store to add to your shopping list. They're located at 251 Yale Ave N.

Hooray for Velocity!