Robert Reader Photography - Isofoto

I'm so flattered that Robert Reader of Isofoto contacted me to share his photography, especially since he's never been blogged anywhere before and there's always this special feeling one has when they read their first blog post about their work. I remember the first time decor8 was blogged about, it was on Apartment Therapy and I was thrilled to have their support, it was the start of great things for me. I hope this little blog post is the start of great things for Robert, too.

I like his work because he shoots using a classic Polaroid SX-70 camera, a folding SLR camera with self developing film from the early 70's. So his photos have this unique charm about them, and since I was born in the 70's I feel funny saying that they have vintage appeal but they do, so I guess this means I'm also vintage and charming as well, yes? Hmmm.

I like how he selects images that relate to one another and combines them, one next to the other, to form a row of photos printed on high quality paper for framing. Of course, I really like the colors and his subject matter, his focus is mostly on mundane household objects along with mid century furniture and lots of pale blue images of the sand and surf. And depending on the frame you select, his prints can work in a broad range of settings from the office to the fireplace mantle.

Thank you again Robert for contacting me, I wish you lots of success in your etsy store!

(images from robert reader)