Ceannis {Sweden}

While I'm here in Europe, I'm trying to cover some of the more popular brands that I come into contact with, along with a few of the more out of the way unknown talent that exists. I have been quite busy with family and friends, as our time here is limited so we're trying to fit in a bit of everything. But I hope you've been enjoying some of the coverage I've been providing. :) If there's anything you have questions about or would like to see, you can always ask and I'll try to see if I can provide some feedback.

Another brand I noticed in Stockholm is Ceannis, Pure and Simple carries lots of their things and I couldn't stop touching them. This season, I noticed that many stores in Stockholm leaned towards a pale, more subdued palette vs. the bright and cheerful patterns most of us think of nowadays when the word "Sweden" comes to mind. But if you really think back to traditional Swedish design, visions of Swedish Baroque, Biedermeier, and the Rococo periods dance in your head. Pale grey and blue walls, cream painted wood furniture, gold accents, pure linens and 18th century Gustavian furniture.

Ceannis takes traditional Swedish design into modern times drawing on a similar color palette, and in addition to gold, there's also bronze and silver as accents. And additional soft hues are introduced, like plum. Could be the influence of Asian design in Europe right now, or the Moorish influences coming up from Marrakesh, something that I saw dotted all over the city of Stockholm in fashion and interiors stores.

How I see these things in a space:

I see a living room with lots of texture. Medium grey walls (the color of concrete floors) as an accent with a few hand painted motifs in the top corner cascading downwards, perhaps a large paisley or simple floral pattern, in a lighter tone of grey so it's a soft accent and not too obvious. I also see an L shaped grey tweed sofa with a tight back and seat, lots of soft pillows (also on the floor), a leather ottoman and a large silver tea tray coffee table -- both from Morroco, lots of pillar candles in various metal lanterns with cut out patterns, an ornate framed mirror on the wall with twinkle lights around the top and sides (of course!), fresh flowers in purple tones, and a fluffy white rug and blanket for snuggling on the sofa. Of course, this big silver leather handbag slouched on a chair with some of your favorite magazines peeking out. :)

Oh, and I smell lavender by L'OCCITANE and I think I'd be listening to Ana Caram. I love her voice.

(images from ceannis)

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