Hansen Living {kitchens}

I've talked about Susan Serra on decor8 before, she's an Interior Designer from New York who specializes in kitchen design, and from the looks of her portfolio and blog she is very talented (and busy!). What I love about Susan's work is that it reflects her Danish heritage, she is naturally drawn towards minimalist design that is light and bright and she adores white wood floors, materials like ash, oak, teak and walnut, industrial accents, and soaring ceilings with huge windows just as many of us do.

Susan is currently in Copenhagen on business, but she took time to write to me on Friday to announce that she's now the U.S. contact for Hansen Living (designed by Danish Architect, Knud Kapper). This is exciting news because now Susan can offer her clients a different approach to kitchen design offering flexibility of placement that most American kitchens do not offer (that is, without a sledge hammer). This is very much the standard practice in most of Europe to have kitchens that can be moved around just as you can move your sofa from one wall to the next, but here in the states it's more common to have our cabinetry built-in. With the exception of plumbing, you have more options to rearrange your kitchen this way and I like this very much.

Here are some beautiful images from Susan via Hansen Living showing some examples of their kitchens. Though I don't tend to discuss kitchen design much on decor8, I wanted to show you this particular brand because it's my absolute dream to own a kitchen just like some of these. If it's your dream as well Susan can very soon make it happen in case you're interested so please contact her directly via her blog for more information.

Thank you so much Susan for sharing!

(images from hansen living)