Modern Dose {save 10%}

Did you notice the Sunset scalloped mirror by Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design on the cover of this month's issue of Domino magazine? If not...

Isn't it lovely? To bad I had to look at the price tag.
It's nearly $2,000.00! For! A! Single! Mirror!

I know that for some a few thousand dollars for a mirror is considered the norm for a statement piece, and I'm sure it's worth it based on it's beauty, quality, and overall wow factor... But I can't imagine going there. Being exposed to so much beauty on the web and in my favorite magazines can overwhelm on one hand, but on the other I wouldn't have it any other way. One thing that excites me about finding an expensive piece like the Sunset mirror is the challenge I face to find something like it for 1/3 (or less) of the price. And so the hunt begins!

Task: Locate a large-scale mirror for under $600 around the same size (45.5"), bold, lacquered white and definitely round with an interesting frame - scalloped, floral, a circle motif (no hard edges).


I've viewed a lot of great mirrors on the web over the past few days, but when I found the gorgeous Flower Mirror on Modern Dose, I knew it was the one and it's $425 with free shipping and they've agreed to give decor8 readers a 10% discount so now it's around $382 shipped. Okay, so yes the mirror in the center is smaller than the Sunset but I think the overall feel is the same so it's a good 'next best' and I feel like I accomplished my mission. It feels good for those of us on a limited budget to know we have options without compromising good taste.

Another challenge I was presented with lately arrived through reader comments on a decor8 post that showed the above image from LivingEtc. magazine. A few blog readers wanted to know more about the feathered beauty displayed over the fireplace. One reader mentioned it was a Cameroon Headdress which got me started in my quest to find them available in an online shop. I nearly gave up in finding a U.S. source when shazam! Modern Dose has 'em. They carry them in red but plan to stock a more colors soon (write to them with your color choice if you're interested). I think either bright pink or white would be my choice. They add a nice shot of color and texture to a space, very nice in a minimalist modern home. Much more than a design element, the headdress is said to originate from the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon - learn more here, it's quite fascinating and important to know before purchasing a headdress to display as art in your home.

In addition to the headdress, Modern Dose also carries a floral porcelain vase (in two sizes) that I spotted recently in room from the portfolio of M. Design Interiors also shown above. Another great (and affordable) find.

Here are some other things for the home that I'm fond of from Modern Dose. They're offering decor8 readers 10% off everything on their website for the next few weeks, just use code DECOR8 when you check out. Shipping is free, even on furniture.

Modern Dose is a decor8 sponsor but I receive no payment or incentives whenever I post about them (or any of my sponsors). I simply found the mirror and emailed them asking if they'd offer readers a discount since I planned on posting about it anyway. Thanks, Modern Dose!

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