Like Mother Like Daughter

I loved the Mother/Daughter feature in Domino this month, didn't you? It was fresh and totally fun to read, and now it's online for those of you that do not have access to the print copy. And on the subject of mother/daughter decor, do you decorate like your mother or see some similarities in how you pull together your rooms?

How did your mother decorate your family home?

These rooms are great, and there's one of my favorite colors making it's appearance. Oh how much I adore blue. Turquoise, whether pale, medium, or dark is absolutely my favorite color. Paired with pink and yellow with touches of black and loads of pure white, oh my!

My mom loved to shop but also made a lot of things, she liked to oil paint in her spare time and also enjoyed sewing so our pillows and curtains and such were all by her own hand. She also loved to arrange flowers, she was trained as a floral designer, so she was constantly pulling together arrangements. This extended to our yard as well, you could find her planting and pruning almost daily. She loves Asian decor, we had bamboo and cane furniture (my first bedroom set as a little girl) was white wood with cane on the front of the drawers with bamboo accents, she stenciled, loved wallpaper (gold, shiny, floral, flocked), and we had a huge Hollywood Regency theme going on for most of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Back then I didn't know what to call her decorating style, it always felt so eclectic to me but now I can easily compare it to Hollywood Regency, though not quite as over the top. But we had a gold sofa that looked like a silk kimono. She would use shells and starfish as accents, stack books on the coffee table, shop flea markets... I can see her influence now as I am the lady of my own house. We don't have the exact same taste but I would own lots of the things I grew up around so I guess that's a good thing. Minus the golden sofa. Blue was also her favorite color now that I think about it. She used it frequently. She also liked red, a color I barely use in my home as I'm not naturally attracted to red.

What about you? Does Like Mother Like Daughter apply when it comes to how you decorate?

(images from domino magazine)