Etsy Take Five Tuesdays {10 Today!}

I'm away at an art class today so while I'm painting you can enjoy a few etsy finds if you'd like. Since I missed Take Five Tuesdays (my apologies) last week because it was the first day of class I have a treat for you today - 10 sellers instead of 5! If you look carefully you will actually find 12 stores linked below. See if you can find the hidden two. Weeee! But only for this week, don't expect me to be so nice next Tuesday because it will drop back to 5 again. :)

Nesting Emily is a real charmer, isn't she? Hand thrown ceramics... Could these be more feminine and lovely? Oh Emily! I love the raw matte porcelain and what she is doing with her most recent work incorporating these lacy details. So, so nice.

Her name was Lola... She was a showgirl. Eh. Um. Not in this case, Lola is a jewelry designer and her shop is called The Lola Collection and it runs over with good things. No dresses cut down to there! Just necklaces perhaps meant for such dresses. :) These pieces are all so very pretty, I think you'll like them. See for yourself.

Caramelos is a sweet crafty supply shop for those of you who like to create things by hand. I especially like how she packages her goods and the overall look and feel of her etsy shop, I think it's pulled together rather nicely. This store owner is also the lady behind a second etsy shop called Artful M Studio where she uses her crafts to create special handmade goods including Marie Antoinette flat cards, digital collage prints, and my favorite - wedded bliss tickets. Dum, dum, da, dum!

I think you'll really like how Elizabeth Williams displays and photographs her handmade jewelry, her designs are very vintage-like. They have that Anthropologie 'look' without the high price to match. It's great that we can buy handmade jewelry direct, to own something original like this is a piece to always cherish. All of my necklaces and earrings from Etsy are such a treat to wear, share, and display. Elizabeth has a really nice blog in case you are interested in learning more about the lady behind these dainty things.

I found Cutie Pie Company via email, she wrote to me regarding this post and quickly sent in a package of scraps for the upcoming decor8 inspiration pack giveaway (stay tuned!). I adore her sweet handmade stationery and books, and I just noticed that she has another Etsy store called Hunters Hideaway where she sells scrap packs so if you're in need of inspiration $6 can buy you some.

Kitschy Hippo is a cute collection of collages from Chicago. Whoa. Lots of C's there. I like how honest the seller is about her art, "I have never been able to concentrate...I think that's why collage suits me." Isn't this what draws us to blogs and indie sellers in general -- the honesty? I mean, you just don't find gems like this in most magazines where everything is sugarcoated to perfection, like everyone just fell into their amazing career and lifestyle. I prefer it 'raw' nowadays. These 'magazine voices' as I call them are boring me. Just say it how you see it, show yourself for who you are, and stop polishing up everything to please and impress others. The Kitschy Hippo says a lot about her humility in one single sentence. It's a good lesson for us all I think. Oh and Ms. Hippo, sorry for invading your space here with my rant. I appreciate your down-to-this-planet reason for why you started collage art, that's all.

Pretty Little Thieves has some sweet original drawings as well as prints. Love her simple lines and charming little characters. Way cute. The girl in pink reminds me of the quirky cute Lisa Loeb (who I secretly want to be when I grow up) or the supergirl of graphic design - Nicole aka Pink Loves Brown. Nicole this little girl is calling you, dear!

If you're riding on the rubber stamping wagon these days creating your own patterned textiles (or even wrapping paper), Cotton Blue has some darling stamps for ya. They even sell Japanese fabric along with iron-on embroidered patches, trims, craft books from Japan, and leather handles in case you want to create a tote. Decole/KOKKA/kawaii fans will love this place.

Studio MIKMIK is a great find for prints and handmade notebooks. They just opened up shop a mere week ago so let's run over and give them some love, shall we? I like their Japan pop aesthetic.

Hide your eyes as this image may offend due to a little dog on dog action! {grin} These dashing dachshunds from the UK are handmade by Alice Apple and absolutely adorable. The fabrics she uses have that Japanese kawaii thing going on. Come to think of it, I had a stuffed pup like this when I was a kid, I had one at school that everyone autographed. It was something we did in the late 80's -- though I don't recall the occasion or why. Maybe it was for elementary school and middle school graduation? I almost remember it had a black cap and we had them around the same time the annual yearbook released... Does anyone remember this dog signing thing? Do kids still do this?

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(images linked to sources above.)