Can You Inspire Someone? {Winners}

When I wrote Can You Inspire Someone? nearly a month ago, I had no idea that I'd be picking up over 90 packages at my local post office during the past three weeks. You are all quite amazing! I expected maybe a few would be interested in donating, but nearly 100? And a few, like Hable Construction, wrote in recently saying their scrap package is on the way. I even had a donation package arrive from Designers Guild in London!

It's amazing to know so many of you a little better. How completely giving and caring you all are. And through your packages, which I carefully unwrapped to investigate every single scrap, I was able to catch a glimpse into your world just as I guess you do daily here into mine on decor8. I absolutely loved it. Each package had it's very own style, a bit of you wrapped up in paper and twine. Some packs were tiny and very special, others sent a single cigar box filled with pretty vintage things. Fabric scraps from design projects or discontinued fabric samples arrived as well. As I type I sit here surrounded by neat stacks of wonderful fabric, paper, and notions. My husband smiles patiently as I continue to prepare for the big giveaway. But first... It's time to reward the kindness of our givers...

At first, I thought that I'd award one person the standard ad campaign on decor8 as a prize for donating -- I'd draw a business card and that person would win a standard ad space for 3 months. Remember at that time I also thought maybe only a few would submit things. After the 93rd package arrived today, I realized that I need to select a few more than one! I decided to do this. Instead of giving one person 3 months, I'm going to give 3 people one month each of free ad space on decor8. It makes more sense to me. I added in those who have packages in the mail to this count and here's how I found the winners...

As each package arrived, I carefully logged it in and numbered it 1, 2, 3 and so on. Then this evening, I used Randomizer and it selected 3 numbers for me all at once. The numbers are #68, #36, and number #1. Here are the winners below.


#68: Sofia Barao - 120 x 120 animated ad for the month of August
#36 Pixie Dust Decor - 120 x 120 animated ad for the month of September
#1 Jen Renninger - 120 x 120 animated ad for the month of October

A big thanks to all who donated scraps for this inspiring giveaway. I'm donating lots of goodies as well, including discontinued fabric samples and such. Now I can't wait to see who actually wins these beautiful things!

Next week, I will show you some of the scrap packages that I've pulled together and will list all who contributed to this giveaway in a post that will include their business name and a link to their site. That means you will see all 90+ on this blog, their name up in lights! I'll also kick off the contest which will be a single post sometime next week between July 7-11. It will be a very easy contest to enter, I'll ask a question and you leave your comment and that's about it. I will then select the winners, let everyone know, and send off boxes of inspiration! Yay!

(image from holly becker for decor8. the letterpressed print inspire, create, do was contributed by sarah parrott. she gave me 10 of these for the upcoming scrap packs so if you win, one will be in your box!)