Inspired on a Budget

These products are pretty much only available to you if you live in Germany at one of my favorite shops called Car M?bel so what's my point in posting about them here on decor8? You'll see...

I think these images answer the question -- they're inspiring! It's fun to look at how things are arranged and draw inspiration from the styling, colors, products used, etc. In this economy, most of us aren't out shopping as we once were. We're forced to get more creative in how we decorate our homes. Instead of purchasing something brand new, try to source it first within your own home. Perhaps you have something with similar lines that can be painted and placed elsewhere in your home. Have you checked your garage or attic lately?

Do you hit thrift stores, Craigslist, eBay, flea markets, and even yard sales to find what you need and simply refresh it so that it works for you? You may already own pieces much like the ones shown below in these inspiring photos. There are so many do-it-yourself ideas out there that it just may be the right time to give a few of them a whirl. Try to look at each piece of furniture - the lines, the color, the function, and consider if you already own something like it that you can easily transform in a single afternoon or less.

What if you do not own that one piece of furniture that you are currently in need of? I've already mentioned craigslist and flea markets, but you can also visit those unfinished furniture stores or paint IKEA and Target furniture... Interested in some examples of affordable furniture that can be easily transformed?

Okay... I would paint this $349 armoire shown above in a dove gray, wallpaper the interior using my favorite pattern from a leftover roll, and embellish the drawers with new knobs. I'd take this $149 desk, lacquer it in black, and have a local glass company fit a piece of glass on top so that I could place a new sheet of my favorite wrapping paper, wallpaper, or fabric between the glass and the desktop each month to refresh my workspace. This dresser for $249 would be transformed with goldenrod yellow paint and patterned yellow and white hardware from Anthropologie (I'd hit their clearance section for that). And this $35 stool? Easy! Paint it any color of choice and reupholster the top with a scrap fabric you love but don't have enough of to cover a pillow. You can even reupholster it with a cotton dress or scarf that you no longer wear or a vintage pillowcase or tea towel from a flea market.

How do you decorate your home on a budget? Any tips you'd like to share with readers?

(images: car m?bel, bottom: