Inspire Me Giveaway - Winners

I promised I would announce the winners of our Inspire Me contest today and it's time! But first I want to thank the many generous contributors who shipped packages both large and small from all over the world filled with paper, fabric, and notions ranging from brand new to gently used -- all for this special giveaway. 1,060 comments arrived which made this one difficult decision. I was so blown away by the number of entries, I expected maybe 200 tops. And yes, I read them all!

Here are the sponsors of this contest, and I'd like to add that I also contributed from my personal stash of papers and fabrics because I wanted to take part. Please visit the following contributors, there are so many great artists and stores linked below...

Jen Renniger Rita Vindedzis Vol.25 Tulle Arian Armstrong The Little Stitch Wood Mouse Pink Almond This Love Forever Blue Tree Art Gallery Anna Sofia Designs Phat Sheep Textiles Mode ala Pie Exquisite Affair Productions Marilyn Patrizio Volksfaden Mister Judy Whitney English G.R.Y.B. At Home Doug, Jack and Me Leanne Graeff Patterns Lavatican Eden: Schnickschnack Rekoj Design Vintageweave Interiors, Inc. Sol Kawage Nan Kim Bumblebird Cartolina Cards Darling Dexter Design for Mankind Erin Ruth Paula Gibbs Life in the Desert MB Farrell Pixie Dust Decor Rag & Bone Bindery Ink Lore Pixie Blossom Cindy Ann Ganaden Illustration Love Your Invite Hang Tight Studio Blue Citrus Art Megan McNabb Purple Lemon Designs Dozi Home Refiner Ellen Crimi-Trent Odd Owl Coveiter Wistful Republic emc Athena Dreams Design Miko Design Pink Shirts N Car Wrecks Graciel Evenstar Art Sofia Barao Funky and Delightful Cutie Pie Company Double H Tamptation Moss & Vesper Arts Cori Kindred Modish Kelly Murray JHill Design Fresh Vintage Style Red Birthmark Andy Mathis RiffeRaff Enjoy Design Re*kindle Christina Perdue Alex Tebb Minka Handbags Brookelit's Shop Byvik Ink Melba McMullin Barbara Munsel Uncle Beefy Stockton & Co. Lindsay Brackeen My Happy Accidents Vintage Rescue Squad Sara Ahearn AnastasiaC Bride Design & Sweet Talk Boutique Armstrong Industry Specialty Cards 4 U Things Are Better With a Parrott Design Healing Paper Stories Letterpress Designers Guild Folkloreye Fine Stationery Hable Construction Lemonade

Some of the above names listed are not linked because I could not locate them in my notes, if you are linkless and listed above please let me know so I can link you if you have one (a few of you sent in things without business cards). Also there may be a chance that I missed someone and if that is the case please let me know so I can add you to the list as soon as possible.

Okay time for the winners of the Inspire Me giveaway! Drum roll please...

  1. Comment #61 from Fert
  2. Comment #140 from Elizabeth
  3. Comment #302 from Lauren
  4. Comment #287 from Jess Gonacha
  5. Comment # 751 from Andria Lisle
  6. Comment #237 from Claire
  7. Comment #166 Jana Souza
  8. Comment #410 Jen
  9. Comment # 944 Jessica
  10. Comment #927 Amy Carle

If your name is above, please contact me using this form as soon as possible (deadline Friday, August 1st) with your full name and mailing address. If I do not hear from you by Friday, I will select another winner in your place. I am leaving the country next week for five months hence the rush to get these packages shipped before I head off.

A big thank you to all who entered!

Perhaps we will do this again to kick off the new year in 2009 -- Anyone interested in a second round of recycling for inspiration's sake? Let me know and depending on interest, I will gladly do something fun like this again.

(image by holly becker for decor8)