Littlest Flower

I have to post about Littlest Flower today because I feel so bad about something I did, or rather did not do! In my Etsy Storque article there was a photo showing her print in my living room and I said that I wasn't able to remember the name of the Etsy seller who made it. Now I know who it was so I must shout it from my rooftop! It was Jackie Amos from Littlest Flower in Australia.

Jackie I'm so very sorry as I never want to make anyone feel excluded if I can help it. This little post is for you!

And friends... I hope that if you have time today you can spare a moment to visit Jackie's shop to view the bunny print that I have in my living room along with other sweet prints like the, "Tell Someone You Love Them" gocco shown above.

(image from littlest flower)