Design Mole Blog

British interiors writer Ellie Tennant who is a contributor at Ideal Home magazine in London left a comment on decor8 earlier and so I clicked on her link and discovered Design Mole, a design blog she authors where I found a slew of really interesting posts focused mostly on design and decorating in England. I love blogs like this because it helps a new writer to really stand out in the enormous sea of decorating blogs when they focus on what’s going on locally within their home country. I personally love that and hope to see more and more blogs like this pop up. That’s why I’m so fascinated by the many Australian and Swedish bloggers because they tend to focus on local design so I’m always being exposed to new things and learning about stuff I just can’t find everyday in shops or magazines here in America. I’m hoping to see more blogs rise from hidden corners of the globe talking about what’s happening in their own backyard. Lovely design blog, Ellie!

Ellie spotlights Sanderson’s 1950s-style Dandelion Clocks fabric priced at £29 per metre as seen on these armchairs in LivingEtc magazine. Fab!

She also talks about her love of the adorable British shop called Acorn & Will. Now I’m loving them in a big way as well.

Through Ellie I also learned about Berry Red and their delicious ceramics along with all of the other goodness on their sweet little country website.

And finally, she highlighted some of her favorite new products from Not on the High Streetblock letters, vintage plates by designer Lou Rota available for purchase here and some recycled hand painted signs by Norfolk Boy.

(image sources linked above)