Inspired by House Beautiful

Is it okay with you that, aside from today’s upcoming creativity post, we escape a little and simply look at beautiful rooms together? I really need to tap into some beautiful interiors today for inspiration. Let’s first look at some rooms as featured in House Beautiful, a magazine I’ve decided to subscribe to in an attempt to replace Domino. I’m going to play a little game. With each photo below I’m going to call out what I personally like the most in the photo. If anything strikes you, please feel free to join in on the fun.

Everything. I just love it all. This is my dream bedroom for sure. Love the gold picture frame. Fabulous.

Art wall, darling side table, blue walls…

Silk curtains and bedding. Lush, embroidered details. Random stack of blue books.

Chandelier, white table, foo dogs, purple, white pedestal table, fab geometric chair covers.

White chairs, striped rug, wallpaper on the ceiling - fun!

Soaking tub, gorgeous blue walls, amazing turquoise glassware.

Lavender and blue, combination of textures, very Paris in New York.

Mirror above writing desk, lots of yellow and blue, window seating.

Energetic color with lots of white.

Velvet bench, lovely headboard, drapes with a border, lovely peonies.

Wall color, blue lamp, pink bedspread.

Yellow side table and ornate white side table. I want the white one.

Chandelier in a bathroom, massive soaking tub, heart-shaped chair, funky avocado bedroom.

(images from house beautiful)