Happy Weekend!

I’m signing off for the weekend friends, I have so much work to do as I’m pulling together chapter outlines for my agent since I am working on a book (yay!). Honestly, I’m scared to death and though I’ve been back and forth with my agent for months, embarrassing to admit, I finally am ready emotionally to wrap my head around what a book will mean for me, my life, and of course my career and future. I want to be an author, I have so many ideas for books — not only around the topic of decorating and creative living but also children’s books too. I’ve been so busy writing over the past three years between this blog and my magazine and newspaper articles that my little fingers are starting to hurt from all of the typing that I do, but I’m a determined girl and have goals and dreams and despite this economy I am pushing forward. My husband and I also have some big plans in the works concerning our family and home, so I am diligently working on everything all at once but wow, am I excited, scared, tired, and drinking more red bull and tea than ever before in my life.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend, I look forward to meeting you again here on Monday with more fun posts and ideas to share together as friends. Thank you for hanging out with me this past week, I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts and the work I put into making my blog a cozy, encouraging space for all of us to mingle and relax.

xo, Holly

(Images from the lovely stylist, Lucyina Moodie. Check out more here.)