Inspired by Gustavo Aimar

I came across the most talented artist today and I can’t stop clicking around on both of his blogs (here and here) and Flickr page because each and every image finds me ooooing and ahhhing out loud. His name is Gustavo Aimar and he’s simply brilliant. I’m so glad Ez first introduced us to his work today on her blog… I’m certain he’ll make all the blog rounds as he should — he’s so deserving of all the praise and attention! I LOVE his blog La mesa de trabajo the most because it’s filled with photographs documenting his process of creating and I tell you, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of… I love seeing work in progress, don’t you? It’s emotional and raw, I like that.

Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires but now lives in scenic Patagonia. In 2008 he was selected along with 31 illustrators to exhibit in the Fair of infantile Libro (children’s book fair) in Bologna, a true honor. You can learn more about Gustavo by reading an interview with him in Spanish here (which you can easily translate through any translation website). I wish he had a shop online, I could go a little bit crazy there, but perhaps in the future he will sign up with or something. If any gallery owners are reading this post you have to get your hands on his paintings and show them locally, I’d love to see his work in person. I’m smitten! What a great way to kick off a new week. Thank you so much Ez for posting about this guy!

(images from gustavo aimar)