Creativity Series: Just Do It! {10}

Thank you. You have been so gracious to give me the space to go off on a tangent each Thursday to write the 10 week series on creativity, a topic I’m so passionate about. This series really ties in nicely to the overall content and vibe on decor8, don’t you think? I’ve grown quite attached and find it hard to imagine giving it up but I did tell you this would only run for 10 weeks and today well…we’re at week 10. Now I’m wondering if this should really be the end of the road. I’ll think about it and let you know.

Are you ready for our final topic in this series? It’s a good one and I even have a very special podcast and guest sharing with us today.

Trust yourself.

Allow for some trial and error and nip negative thinking in the bud while you are capturing. Imagine that you are painting. While you are capturing, or creating, be careful to not become overly critical of your work or to allow what others may think to come into play. That’s the fastest way to shut yourself down. It’s fine to evaluate your work as you go along, but it’s best to not over-analyze while you’re in “the zone”. Trust your creativity, believe in what you are doing. Avoid allowing the opinions of others to form the one that you have of yourself. Trust your inner compass because it WILL lead you if you tap into it, listen, and obey. It also keeps you on track when others start to throw darts or challenge the authenticity of your work. Trust in your unique voice will help you to stay on track, focused and forward moving.

“When I first started working creatively, my former manager told me that there really are no new ideas in the world,” says Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday, a successful artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. “Though I tend to agree, there is originality in this world and that originality stems from each one of us.”

Haedike continues, “We can trust that what makes something unique can be as simple as our interpretation, our expression of an idea.” She not only coaches people wanting to live more creative lives through a series of podcasts on her website, but has thousands of devoted customers who love her artwork. Through expressing herself without judgment, not allowing negative comments to penetrate, and by embracing her originality, Haedike has learned to trust her creative voice. For this reason, I’ve decided to wrap up this series with a very special podcast from Marisa herself, a gift from me to all of you for following this series. You can click below to listen, it’s just under 15 minutes so enjoy!

Now it’s your turn to comment on trust. You may also comment on the future of this series with any tips you may have. I’m interested in hearing how trust in yourself is helping you during these economic times and how it helps you to deal with other fears outside of money.

(image from creative thursday)