Inkspot Workshop

I stumbled upon Inkspot Workshop a few minutes ago via my Twitter page so this is definitely a fresh find (yeah I know, har har). Stacy owns a small, home-based business in Atlanta called Inkspot Workshop. This is one lady who loves paper because she does it all — designs, cuts, glues, folds, photographs and packages everything herself. Wow!

During the day, Stacy sells medical supplies but at night and on the weekends you will find her busy with her lovely paper goods or spending time with her family. I love seeing ladies out there who are able to strike a balance and mix a day job with a passion on the side, which is hard to do with a family so I applaud her for such hard work and dedication. I couldn’t believe it when I read that she has a 2-year-old son and pets, she’s definitely one organized woman. Stacy sets a good example for modern moms!

Find Inkspot Workshop here: {etsy} {blog} {twitter}

(images from inkspot workshop)