How Much For This Room?

I have a special treat for you today! Not one, but TWO homeowners from two different parts of the world are here to share their rooms with us in How Much For This Room? — yay! Our first inspirational space is from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Bernadette Sipkes from Sugarloop who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. In case you’ve not heard of her work, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect in her etsy shop.

Bernadette is here today to share both her balcony followed by the adjacent dining room area and it’s gorgeous, bring and so inviting! Now I want a balcony overlooking rooftops and palm trees…

Balcony — Furniture:White outdoor plastic chairs from Living Edge Interiors, $90 for two. Offi Tiki Stool in white (used as a table) from Home Republic (now Naked Decor), $49. Flokati rug (it was bought brand new nearly a decade ago so I cannot remember the store!) but I do remember the price $34, Various pots & plants from King’s Plant Barn, $35. Bed table in white from Rhubarb, $12. Curtain made by me using yellow Jute fabric from Spotlight, $6 for 2.8 metres (and sprayed with Scotchgard to make it waterproof). It is hung in place using spring tension shower curtain rod in white from Mitre, $15. Soft Furnishings: Hand-printed cushion cover Mari print in Mustard by Kalla (etsy), $35 (including shipping). Yellow floral motif blockprinted (by me) on plain cushion cover from Spotlight, $5. Striped pillows from Rhubarb, $10 for a set of four. Multi Bean Bag from Kidscapes, $42. Retro-inspired cushion from Nest, $7.Plain woven cushion from BoConcept, $15. Lighting: Candela rechargeable glow lights by OXO was earned for free from Fly Buys (but retails for $69), Solar light rope from Ezibuy, $17.


Dining Room - Furniture: Eames wire chairs - from Cite, $800. Occa dining table from BoConcept, $400. Buffet Cabinet from Corniche Interiors, $685. Wooden step stool from IKEA, $13. Stokke Tripp Trapp from TradeMe, $85. On the Walls: Josh “Shag” Agle limited edition art print from Outre Gallery, $150. Artwork by Amy Ruppel, $100. Bird Limited Edition print by Yumi Yumi (etsy), $20. On Dining Table: Olive Oil and Vinegar bottles from Rhubarb, $8 for both. Tea light candle holder from IKEA, $1. Vase and flower arrangement from Freedom, $20. Ramekin bowls by Martin Boyd from eBay, $13 for 5 coasters. Crocheted table runner by Trade Aid New Zealand, and the napkins were wedding gifts. On Buffet Cabinet: Wooden Bowl, water pitcher and crystal bowl were wedding gifts. Large pasta bowl in white from Victoria’s Basement, $8. Wooden Tray from Nest, $10. Phone by Uniden, $45. Ipod and speaker by Apple, $350.

TOTAL DINING - $2,708.00 USD

Isn’t this such a fresh and inviting space?

Stay tuned for a gorgeous bathroom in New York in today’s second gorgeous space featured in How Much For This Room

(images: bernadette sipkes, sugarloop)